Navigating Your Google Ads Campaigns Through COVID-19

Navigating Your Google Ads Campaigns Through COVID-19

As communities respond to COVID-19, Google Ads knows that this time presents unique challenges for businesses. Below are some considerations from the Google Ads team as you evaluate your ads and adapt to dynamic market conditions.

Evaluate your ads

  • Consider your context and tone. Make sure you’re sensitive to how certain words may make your audience feel. Be careful about the double meanings of words like “protection,” “checkup,” “prevention,” or “virus.” For international campaigns, be aware of local terms that have been used to reference COVID-19 and regional disruptions.
  • Consider if your message is helpful. For example, edit your ads as needed to let customers know if you offer services like delivery or in-store pick up. Review shipping settings and estimated delivery time to ensure you accurately reflect current capabilities.
  • Review assets thoroughly. For example, think about the appropriateness of images and videos that show large gatherings of people or human interaction. Consider the tone of your headlines, descriptions, and landing pages.
  • Proactively communicate business changes. If your hours of operation have changed, edit your Business Profile on Google and update your ads so customers know if you’re open, closed, or have modified hours. For more information, see: Businesses affected by COVID-19: Guidance on updating info and temporary closures

Adapt to dynamic market conditions

  • Stay up to date on local conditions. The Google Trends page can help you better understand the context in local markets and your customers’ frame of mind.
  • Review your performance metrics, and be willing to pivot. For example, significant shifts in conversion rate may require adjustments to your Smart Bidding targets.
  • Pause ad groups or ads if needed. Review products and services that are affected by demand issues and adjust accordingly. For example, mark online or local products as “out of stock” across channels if you’re unsure of real-time inventory or restocking times.
  • Consider tools that can help you adapt. For example, the Google Ads mobile app (iOS, Android) can help keep you connected to your campaigns.

Bound By’s feedback on Google Ads campaigns

At Bound By, we work with clients across a variety of industries and know that some have been hit harder than others during COVID-19. We’re working with clients as needed to adapt or pause campaigns where it makes sense. Our recommendations are as follows:

  • If you are a brick & mortar business closed due to COVID-19 and not currently serving customers, we would recommend pausing advertising.
  • If you are still actively serving clients (working remotely, etc.) in an industry that has been impacted by COVID-19, it likely makes sense to continue advertising. We are making that judgement call on a case-by-case basis based on several factors, including your business’ current cash flow and campaign performance (are you still generating leads/sales, are conversion rates holding steady, etc.). Essentially, if cash flow is not an immediate concern, and return on ad spend (ROAS) is still there with your Google Ads campaigns, it makes sense to continue advertising.

If you have questions on your digital marketing efforts – Google Ads or not – during COVID-19, please let us know.

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